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• TABC Certification is an online alcohol seller / server course & exam.

• Certification is for bartenders, restaurant servers, private clubs,

   wineries, liquor store and grocery store employees, and anyone else

   who serves or sells beer, liquor, or wine in Texas even if you are an

   unpaid volunteer.

Why Do I Need my TABC Certification Card ?

• Most employers and their insurance companies require it for liability

   protection dealing with fines and Dram Shop Act lawsuits.

• The TABC course instruction and test will help you protect yourself.

How Much Time Does the TABC Test Take ?

• The course is set up for 2 hours but unlike the old TABC rules, the  

   course is not on a timer.

   You can finish the TABC class and test as fast as you want! Start  

   and stop as often as you need!

What Are The TABC Certification Online Topics?

​• How to identify minors • How to verify identification and spot fake IDs

• Criminal and civil penalties • Facts about alcohol effects on the body a

Intoxication identification & prevention • Intervention failure

  procedures for dealing with minors and intoxicated persons

 • Private Clubs and other situations

How Do I Take The Texas Online TABC Course?

• Simply choose TABC Certification or the TABC Certification & Food

  Handler Combo. You will then go to Learn2Serve enrollment page

• After you pass the 25 question multiple choice exam, you can print

  your official TABC Certificate on any printer. Just remember your

  username and password. Certificate valid for 2 years.

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Based in Austin Texas, mytabc.com is an online partner of Learn2serve since 2002 and owned by the Dram Shop School ( TABC Approved Program 137-137) We have been teaching live TABC classes all over Texas for 17 years and have trained thousands of students. Our goal is to provide the best TABC certification training possible and provide excellent customer service. We are here 24/7 to help with any questions.
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